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Welcome to our new website! PRSA Dallas is the top-tier, professional public relations and communications organization in Dallas. Serving more than 300 public relations practitioners in North Texas, the chapter is comprised of unparalleled public relations and communications talent who impact all facets of the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets in the North Texas region. We are agency leaders, corporate communication practitioners, crisis communication experts, investor relations executives, strategic counselors to the C-suite, media relations and social media gurus, freelancers, “wordsmith” pros and so much more.

We strive to increase and develop the knowledge, skill set and abilities of our members, honing their potential for leadership. PRSA Dallas members leverage the power of professional networking, educational programs and partnerships to open doors in their own career paths and gain a seat at the table as a trusted advisor. Join today!

Thanks to all the members and industry colleagues who submitted entries into the 2014 Pegasus Awards competition. 2014 promises to be another tough competition as entry packets are shipped off to the judges. The Pegasus Committee sent confirmations for each entry, so if your confirmation did not make it through to your mailbox, please contact Lisa Vasquez at or 972-758-3894.

Mark your calendar for the Pegasus Awards luncheon on Friday, Nov. 7, in conjunction with the Communications Summit. Tables and tickets will be available as well as forms for winners to order additional trophies. Special thanks to promotional sponsor PR Newswire and luncheon sponsor Ketchum for their support!

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We thank our 2014 Pegasus Awards sponsors for their generous support::  Promotional Sponsor, PR Newswire and Luncheon Sponsor, Ketchum PR.



Member Spotlight

Jennifer Little
Senior vice president / general manager, Dallas, MWW
Communications Summit co-chair, PRSA
20 years in PR

1.   What made you decide to get into PR?
I wanted to be a sports reporter so I went through the broadcast news program at the University of Texas mostly writing and filming sports stories – which many of my fellow students hated because it wasn’t “hard news.” After internships at radio and TV stations, I decided to hone my sports skills by working in the athletic media relations. At graduation, I realized that I liked the behind-the-scenes and event management of PR much more than being on camera. I spent the first few years of my career in college athletics before jumping over to a PR agency.
 2.   What is one piece of advice you would give new PRSA Dallas members and prospective members?
Networking should be an ongoing part of your career. Don’t just network when you want or need a new job. Find time to meet with people as much as you can, even to help others in job searches or recruiting. PRSA can help introduce you to new people that can become part of your networking circle. This can pay off when you need it most.
3.   What is on your coffee table?
I’m a magazine junkie and consume many lifestyle publications. You’ll find them stacked on my coffee table (and downloaded on my tablet). A sampling of my subscriptions include Real Simple, Parents, Health, Texas Monthly, Sports Illustrated, Fitness, Good Housekeeping, People and US Weekly.
 4.   What career would you have if you weren't working in PR?
Well, I hope I’d be on the sidelines at one of the college or NFL football games this weekend or back at the studio with the rest of the anchor crew. Of course in that line of work, I might already be retired!
5.   Do you prefer working for an agency or on the corporate side?
I have learned a lot in both roles. I’ve spent most of my career on the agency side, and I enjoy working with a network of people who bring different perspectives and ideas to client work. In my corporate role, I worked on an integrated marketing team and that integration has helped influence how I ideate and work with clients today. It’s important to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes not just in how we work with them, but in how we work for them.