Earn & Maintain Your APR

The APR process is simple, but earning your APR is not easy. It will require commitment and study. Here are the basic steps to earning your Accreditation in Public Relations:

  1.  Application. You must apply to enter the program. Simply complete the application form and submit it, along with the exam fee of $385, to the Universal Accreditation Board for approval. If approved, you will move to the next phase of the process.
  2. Questionnaire and Portfolio. You must complete a detailed questionnaire to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of public relations. This questionnaire and your accompanying portfolio are used to assess your APR exam readiness.
  3. Readiness Review. Before taking the APR exam, you must pass the Readiness Review. During this review, three APR-credentialed PRSA members will question you about your knowledge and understanding of public relations and your answers on the questionnaire. You will also present a recent PR plan and portfolio to further demonstrate your readiness to take the exam. If the panelists pass you, you move onto the next and final step for earning your APR.
  4. Exam. After receiving your letter from the Universal Accreditation Board stating that you passed your Readiness Review and are eligible to take the APR exam, you can schedule your exam at your local testing center per the instruction in the eligibility letter. Your exam results are sent to the Universal Accreditation Board who then certifies your status as pass or fail. The UAB will mail you a letter notifying you of your status.

Once you prove your high-level grasp of public relations, who do not need to retake the exam to maintain your APR status. However, you do need to maintain your APR by continuing your PRSA membership and earning APR maintenance points. The Universal Accreditation Board offers several ways for APRs to earn points. Visit http://www.praccreditation.org/maintain/ for more information on APR maintenance.

Why Earn the APR?

The benefits of earning your APR are many. Here a just a few:

  • The APR is the recognized standard for the public relations profession
  • The process of earning your APR will refresh and hone your PR skills
  • Maintaining your APR promotes lifelong learning and continual skill enhancement
  • Carrying the APR designation distinguishes you in your public relations career
  • The APR elevates the public relations profession by promoting high professional and ethical values

It’s time to get accredited! Get started at http://www.praccreditation.org/apply/.