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COVID-19 Response Forum

Posted by admin on Mar. 16, 2020  /   Crisis Communications  /   1

This area is for questions, comments, and resources dedicated to COVID-19.

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Falcon vs Sprout Social

Posted by Kristin Cole on Mar. 2, 2020  /     0

Our agency has been using Loomly for social media management but has found our needs have grown beyond what the platform offers. We have spoken with both (we are current Cision users) and Sprout Social and are curious if anyone has experience either (or ideally both) and can offer any thou...

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Publication Lists, Media Databases

Posted by Amanda Tower on Feb. 7, 2020  /     1

I'm looking for a resource (similar to those ancient Bacon's volumes we old school PR pros used to reference in the pre-Cision and PR Newswire days) where I can pull lists of publications by region and subject, preferably one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Besides visiting my local public libra...

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Government Relations Networking

Posted by Meaghan Read on Feb. 4, 2020  /     2

Hi all, I am looking for government relations networking opportunities and conferences to increase my knowledge in the field. I am new to this sector but I am excited to gain new knowledge. Any insights are appreciated.

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Internal Comms - whats working?

Posted by jshackelford on Jan. 27, 2020  /   Internal Communications  /   1

What internal communications tools or strategies are working for you leading into 2020? Curious how others are managing internal comms, specifically for workforces that are geographically distributed or in the field.

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