Get Involved

It’s easy to get involved.

Passionate about helping college students find their way to a career in public relations? Join the University Relations Committee! Have a knack for numbers? Help the Finance Committee with bookkeeping.  

With dozens of leadership positions within the chapter, PRSA Dallas is always looking for extra help on its board and committees, as it strives to match each member’s skill set and interests with available committee positions.

Read what PRSA Dallas member, Blake Lewis, had to say about getting involved:

Get involved with the chapter as early as possible in your membership, and stay involved over time. I waited too long to get really active because I thought I had to wait to be invited by someone. It turns out that Chapter leaders were waiting for me to decide what I wanted to do. When you’re active in PRSA, you get many-fold returns from your dues investment.”  - Blake Lewis, PRSA Dallas member

Contact PRSA Dallas chapter president, Brooke Traister, APR, for more information at – she’ll get you plugged in!