The Public Relations Society of America is a community of more than 22,000 members organized into 110 chapters throughout the country. PRSA Dallas is one of the most active chapters, backed by a diverse membership when it comes to fields of occupation, years of service and age.

PRSA members benefit from access to both national and local special interest groups, including NuPRos and Masters groups, Counselors' Academy and industry-specific special interest groups. PRSA membership also provides discounted access to hundreds of public relations campaign profiles, industry research findings, and campaign development resources.

Monthly luncheons, professional development and mentoring programs, media roundtables and college outreach programs are just the start of the many benefits PRSA Dallas offers. Our members have the inside track on new strategies, techniques, and trends. They also enjoy an expanded circle of colleagues and contacts, as well as job leads through informal networking or specific job search services.

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The application process guides you through first registering with PRSA national, then selecting the Dallas chapter membership. Our current chapter membership fees are $50.

The most up-to-date dues information, along with current discount codes, are available at

If you have any questions about joining the Dallas chapter, please contact [email protected]


Membership chair
melissa flynn, APR