About Us

Founded in 1950, PRSA Dallas is now one of the nation’s largest and most active chapters of the Public Relations Society of America. The chapter has grown to a membership of more than 400 dedicated professionals located in and around the Dallas area working on local, national and international projects and campaigns.

Professional Development

For more than 68 years, PRSA Dallas has provided members a wealth of innovative professional development programs, lifelong learning opportunities, and leading-edge resources to enhance their knowledge at every stage of their careers. We also foster a community of trusted advisors and mentors through networking and special events that enhance the member experience.

Accreditation In Public Relations (APR)

Building on the foundation of communicators’ educational degree and industry experience, PRSA’s APR credential keeps professionals current on best practices and applications in the evolving communications world, positioning them as leaders and mentors in the competitive public relations field.


As Dallas' principal advocate for industry excellence and ethical conduct, PRSA Dallas’s advocacy work identifies emerging issues that may require support from or comment on behalf of PRSA Dallas. The goal is to maintain a consistent voice on public policy issues that strengthen the perceived value of the communications profession and position our members as industry thought leaders. The cornerstones of PRSA’s commitment to advocacy are:

  • Supporting the ethical practice of public relations.

  • Speaking out against the willful misrepresentation of, or confusion about, the communications profession.

  • Proactively addressing other issues that may have an impact on the profession and members.


The PRSA Code of Ethics sets out principles and guidelines that uphold the core values of the ethical practice of public relations, including advocacy, honesty, loyalty, professional development and objectivity. The Code exists to inspire ethical behavior, clearly identify malpractice and other improper behaviors, and provide members support on how to avoid them.


PRSSA is committed to building the next generation of communications leaders and advocates for rigorous academic standards for public relations education, the highest ethical principles and diversity in the profession. The organization has expanded its presence on college campuses since its establishment in 1967 and has chapters across the U.S. and in Argentina, Columbia, Peru and Puerto Rico.

PRSA Foundation

With support from thousands of PRSA members, the PRSA Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is committed to promoting diversity among public relations professionals and companies so that they can best serve the public good and address the needs of a diverse world.